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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our section about dumpster sizes!

Appliances containing Freon, Automotive Tires/Batteries, Paints/Oils/Hazardous Liquids, Large Quantities of Dirt/Rock/Concrete/Asphalt/Brick, Compost/Tree Trunks

No. We have a flat rate price that customers pay depending on what size the rent. All sizes include a tonnage limit before we charge per ton once the dumpster is weighed at the disposal site. Less than 5% of our customers end up paying tonnage overages. 

Our standard rental duration is 7 days. Customers may request less time however there is no discount offered for less than 7 days at this time. Additional days beyond our standard duration of 7 days may be purchased for $10 per day at a minimum of $30. 

Yes, rental extensions can be purchased for $10 per day. We typically require at least a 2 day notice ahead of your scheduled pick up date in order to extend your rental.

Quite often we can offer same day delivery if the request is made in the morning. At times during our peak season we may be anywhere between 2-5 days out so it’s always a good idea to schedule your rental a week in advance between March and October. 

Yes, we offer a 5% discount upon presentation of a valid military ID.

Yes, we will price match if the scope of services offered in the price is consistent with our pricing structure. We are very familiar with competitor pricing and how they’re pricing structure is presented. 

Since 1997 we have not worked on the weekends  because we always have valued the work life balance of our employees/owners. Money is great, but you can’t take it with you.

Yes, we have many options for a wide range of contractor needs.

Unfortunately no. We calculate our pricing based on the amount of trips, driver time, and disposal costs. None of those fees change if the customer has the dumpster for less time. Since we have one of the largest inventories of dumpsters in KC, getting the dumpster back early doesn’t allow any additional opportunities. We charge for extra time simply so people are motivated to finish their projects and won’t try to keep the dumpster for a month leaving us without inventory.

Often even with heavy rain our customers won’t hit tonnage thresholds. There are some rare cases that highly absorbent materials may add to the weight in which case we will always investigate the situation and try to find a solution for high overage costs. 

Yes, you need a permit for a dumpster if it is blocking access to any public right away such as normal traffic flow, a sidewalk, or an alleyway. 

Our singles axle trucks are close to 18,320 lbs. Our tandem axle trucks are close to 30,800 lbs. Our empty dumpsters range from 1-3 Tons depending on its size.

Yes, the dumpster has a door on the back for easy loading and dumping.

No, you do not need to be on site for delivery or pickup as long as we have placement instructions.

We recommend to a high percentage of customers to place the dumpster on pavement or a hardened surface like a gravel drive. There are certain situations where we deviate from this, however the customer signs a damage waiver so that we are not responsible for damage to their grass, yard, etc. 

In 27 years of business we have an incredibly low percentage of situations where there was any damage to a driveway. These instances are usually due to driver error which again are highly rare occurrences. 

Yes, as long as there are no restricted items in the load, that is completely ok. 

Yes, but there is a minimum fee of $100 to do this plus a mileage fee.